1 June 2022 

10.30 – 12.00 (CET)

Lab Session


Inequalities in the time of Covid (GI-NI session)

The outbreak of Covid-19 and the unprecedented policy response to mitigate its impacts may have increased and, at the same time, levelled out EU income inequality. What can we say for sure about the impact of Covid-19 on income inequality? Did Covid-19 foster other forms of inequalities? Covid-19 is likely to have interacted with other major trends, like globalisation and technological transformation, which are often considered responsible for increasing inequalities. To what extent has the pandemic marked a change compared to previous trends? Should we expect these changes to be long lasting?


  • Giorgia Menta, Research Associate, LISER
  • Ivailo Kalfin, Managing Director, Eurofound
  • Michael Christl, Economic and Policy Analyst, DG ECFIN, European Commission
  • Marcel Smolka, Professor of International Economics, University of Flensburg

Moderator: Cinzia Alcidi, Director of Research, CEPS

The GI-NI project has received funding from the European Research Executive Agency (REA)

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