Peace and prosperity for Europe:
An impossible dream?

About Ideas Lab

Organised by CEPS – one of Europe’s most independent and reputable think-tanks, Ideas Lab is the most high-profile annual event on policies of the European Union.

The aim of Ideas Lab is to provide a high-level intellectual forum for exchanges concerning the wide range of current and pressing issues faced by the EU. The discussions are open, insightful and impactful, with the active involvement of policymakers, researchers and representatives from industries and the civil society.

Ideas Lab 2022

CEPS Ideas Lab 2022 is an interactive one-day event bringing together the ‘Next Generation’ of Europeans with more seasoned experts in EU policymaking across many different fields. The underpinning theme is how can the EU re-establish peace and prosperity. More than two years into a global pandemic and now with a major war that’s erupted in Europe’s neighbourhood on top, the need for a united union is stronger than ever.

The culmination of the day will be an interactive discussion between a high-level European policymaker with our CEPS Young Thinkers on how the EU can re-establish peace and prosperity in this new and dangerous world.

This discussion will be preceded by three dedicated sessions dealing with today’s key challenges: soaring energy prices, an unprecedented wave of refugees caused by the war in Ukraine and the rapidly evolving threat to Europe’s security.

We will also examine the state of public opinion and how Europeans are reacting to such monumental changes that are occurring and evolving at lightning speed.


1 June 2022 


BluePoint Brussels (Boulevard Auguste Reyers 80)

Ideas Lab 8th edition
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“Seeking (Imm)Unity: Europe in a post-Covid World” was Ideas Lab first edition in a fully digital environment 

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