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In 2021, CEPS launched the Young Thinkers Initiative with the aim of including young and diverse voices in the European policy debate. The goal of the project is to give students and young professionals a platform to express their ideas and connect them with current policymakers and leaders.

CEPS Young Thinkers is part of a wider initiative, the CEPS Sustainable Diversity Goals , an Open Society Foundation-funded project that aims to promote diversity in the field of research.

Over to youth: a CEPS series

CEPS launched its “Young Thinkers Initiative” in May 2021 during its annual flagship conference, Ideas Lab. CEPS selected 30 brilliant young minds from over 20 different countries who engaged in a series of activities throughout the year. The project aims to provide students and young professionals with a platform to express fresh and innovative ideas.

CEPS organised a series of events throughout the year in order to continue engaging with the Young Thinker Class of 2021 and follow up on the concrete proposals that emerged at Ideas Lab 2021. These activities included a cycle of five webinars and conferences entitled “Over to Youth: a CEPS series”, focused on  five different topics: climate change and sustainability, migration and human rights, hybrid threats to security, innovation, digitalisation and artificial intelligence, and democracy, citizenship, and rights.

This project was in part funded by a grant from the United States Department of State. The opinions, findings and conclusions stated herein and emanating from the roundtable discussions are those of the individuals participating in the Young Thinkers Initiative and do not necessarily reflect those of the United States Department of State.

Meet our Young Thinkers

Chloe Ludden

26, France and UK

Francisco Jose López Vélez

24, Colombia and Italy

Weiming Huang

23, China

Pablo Rasmussen

24, United States

Signe Eline Kossmann

26, Denmark and The Netherlands

Mihail Murgashanski 

27, North Macedonia

Sarah F. Gerwens

26, Germany

Isaac Opoku

28, Ghana

Sosé Mayilyan

27, Armenia

Keire Murphy

27, Ireland

Anna Kenn

23, Germany and Luxembourg 

Dan Ziebarth

25, United States

Stella Meyer

27, Germany 

Giorgi Ukhurgunashvili

34, Georgia

Inés Satué Crespo

26, Spain

Kate Lancaster-Ryan

22, Ireland

Marin Pitavy

25, France

Niclas Johann

22, Germany

Yoanna Vergilova

23, Bulgaria

Nikita Pravilshchikov

21, Russia

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